Being overweight

Being overweight


The craving which drives one to the act of “stuffing oneself with food” seems to stem from a physiological need, however, it is often linked to a psychological lack or disorder.

Eating behavior is thus seen as an outlet

You are not hungry but you eat to calm yourself or compensate and experience an immediate pleasure gratification.

Eating behavior is thus seen as an outlet, providing one with a feeling of refuge. It is equivalent to “taking a break” to reduce stress, fear of failure, annoyance, and burnout, transient or deep rooted insecurity or the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Taking some kind of foods thus helps you to escape reality, in the same way as alcohol, tobacco, drugs or compulsive buying. When food is in the process of being chewed, time is not taken over it. You gorge abruptly to feel composed, to exist…

The calming effect of food

The problem seems to disappear: a momentary truce to the grinding negative and demeaning thoughts! The feelings of loneliness, abandonment or non-recognition do not continue forever, as if by enchantment!

All problems are just put within parentheses! The intake of food plays a role therefore like a “pause button”. This behavior can be compulsive and this is what is called the “food drive”.

If the intensity and the quantity of consumption are large, it is called a “food crisis”.

The calming effect of food is linked to the texture felt in the mouth, consistent material and the sensation of illusory fulfillment. This action acts as a survival reflex, avoids negative emotions but often becomes too addictive.

3 principal expectations from food intake

To be released from this vicious cycle, I propose a program of “withdrawal”. This program works on the self esteem and self affirmation of the patient through analysis of the origin of stress, the elimination or acceptance of negative emotions, before being correlated to a tracking of food behavior.

There are three principal expectations from food intake: vital energy that it provides, the taste of projects that it inspires and the consciousness of the feeling of valuation of the self that it gives. These three quests are induced by presence or lack thereof, of the force of life.

Recovery from dependence occurs when you replace what you search externally in the food with what you want internally in your interior form.

The "yoyo weight"

We have to therefore identify the nature of our gaps to help detect the origin of our problems.

Empowering yourself to make room for your internal dimension in full consciousness is the key: to finally feel capable of confronting the external world, without feeling weak and feeling the need to ingest food through compulsion.

In other words, it is to acquire “weight” internally by filling yourself with confidence rather than to expand through kilos visible externally.

The famous magical recipes of diet therefore become an illusory happiness potion and subsequently you are faced with the arrival with great fanfare, of our enemy, the “famous yoyo weight”! This is how we go from being “OLD fat” to “RE fat”.