Rebirth: a revolution

Intra-uterine Rebirth :

A Revolution . Being reborn yourself… and giving life.

before birthIn our first erotic period ; in our mother ‘s womb.

Will we naturally recover from the scars on our soul one day?Are we not in some way the result of that which we guard within ourselves, in secret? But, from where do we start taking an inventory of that which we guard within ourselves, in corners and places deep within us?

Being total emotional sponges during the nine month gestation period within our mother’s womb, we are reduced to absorbing both the best and worst experienced by her at the time.

The baby experiences fully the emotions of the woman who avoids accepting that she is pregnant just as it experiences those of one who regrets her existence or one who has been hoping for this baby since a long time.

It is with this severity that we begin our fetal growth, with great or not so great confidence in ourselves, in her, in them: in our parents who were really happy or not, fulfilled or not, and excited or not at the conception of this future baby.

Will we be adding or subtracting to their life as a couple?

With our senses on alert, we dare to make our place, our place within this mysterious uterus which is more, or less welcoming.

Everything will re-surface one day, will we then feel the desire to reconnect with our roots?

Understanding the genesis of our conception; how, where, why, when, and with whom ?

Deconstruct then reconstruct ourselves starting from the real. Attempt to weave a link between their life and ours…thus we arrive at our destiny, recover our purity, get rid of this weight that we carry fiercely within ourselves since our arrival on this earth.

Thus flows life, with its realities, its successive battles, its endless and recurrent questions, its perpetual quest! There are so many questions that we put to ourselves! Who am I? Was I a desired child? What is my role, my mission on earth?

Was I conceived as an accident? Did my mother actually want a boy? Was I the girl she desired always or was I conceived to compensate and replace my dead sister? Many unspoken questions that inevitably leave their mark on us and in some cases, leave real traumas.

If we request our parents to narrate to us the story of our birth and the conditions prevalent at that time, they would have perhaps forgotten most or part of the reality, or would have transformed them in some way so as to avoid holding forth on a subject that is probably painful and thorny to them even to this day.

Eventually, everything is nothing but an interpretation, and behind an image of acceptance or denial, there might be another, and this depending on these interpretations that we have and should construct! Despite confrontations that could be more, or less tense with our families, we will succeed in interpreting our life in order to transform ourselves.

From feverish interpretations in overwhelming disarray we begin to hope to make our way.

Our life is a theatre of unequal perceptions which intrude into our daily life sometimes even without us having invited them:

- Why should we react so strongly to a criticism? Why don’t we have the resolve to not burden ourselves with even a single frustration?

- Why get into this or that state, if we impose on ourselves a certain constraint?

- Why should we feel ill at ease when faced with personal questions?

Many are the mysteries that prevent us from feeling free and happy.

It does not refer here to adaptation but to transformation of one’s condition to give life and move from a state of barrenness to one of fertility.


My technique of intra-uterine rebirth transforms an individual

so that s/he regains life and vitality in his/her authenticity and integrity. Thanks to my collaboration with clinic Natecia in Lyon and with the association Maia, we are going to do a statistical study to calculate the number of intra-uterine rebirths achieved through my administrations, on patients diagnosed as infertile due to inexplicable causes, the number of successful pregnancies.

Thus, a scientific thesis will be published and a school will be opened where other psychologists will be trained in my method where a person can be treated using a technique that is gentle and without chemical formulations.

Like plugs and sockets, we are attracted to one another, but who is a man and who is a woman : the one who says it or the one who is?

From an inadequate boy to a successful girl, it is but a single step!

From a welcoming woman to a castrated one, it is but an unconscious penis.

From a castrated man to a fulfilling one, it is but a virility that is imprisoned and buried in the unconscious of a pregnant woman…

Psychologist, psychotherapist and libido specialist, I elaborate in my new work, my intra-uterine rebirth technique to eventually get rid of the unconscious sex that we carry, since our original fetal conception.

I invite you to join my work understanding the tool and the means used in my sessions with patients who are proclaimed infertile.



Introduction of session

Find oneself before going in search of the other and live in harmony.

Personal diary. Follow the footsteps of their particular conception.

1: Desire for pregnancy.

. Desires, anxieties and frustrations.
. Composition of siblings and family history.
. Were the patients who are couples, desired by their mother as a boy or a girl? By their father?
. Are they at home with their sexuality?.
. Llegitimacy, compatibility of the couple.

2: Conscious and unconscious parental projections;

. Libido and sexuality.
. Becoming and remaining a harmonious couple.
. Recurrent fertility problems in the couple.
. Becoming parents.

3.Universal rebirth technique

Francine Shapiro’s EMDR technique
My intra-uterine rebirth technique, to finally recover one’s true sexual integrity.
.Safe place/Coordination of the five senses in the reptilian brain
.The nine months of pregnancy relived in EMDR.
.EMDR technique to recover one’s inner self..
.Rebirth in own safe place.
.Welcome to life in his/her true sexual identity.


My rebirth technique : A response to lack of libido and problems linked to sexual relations.
My rebirth technique : A natural and painless response to certain cases of unexplained infertility.
Testimonies of happy and liberated patients.

So….give a fully conscious life.



Our body tells us everything, it is incumbent on us to only listen to it…and avoiding wrongly treating it. Intra-uterine rebirth as an adult to solve failure due to unexplained infertility

Intra-uterine rebirth exercise is a revolutionary method to relive your own birth, without trauma this time, integrating positive points of your present life, giving it vital resources with the help of a safe place, replacing them in your reptilian brain, as if erasing the Trojan horse in your CPU, responsible for your various traumas.




EMDRWith EMDR as a tool, I allow the patient to design a safe place, which I will then reposition in his/her reptilian brain, that which is responsible for involuntary reflexes, and which will welcome him/her this time at the point of exit from the uterus. The five senses will therefore be taken charge of and the the patient will experience a rebirth that is both gentle and calm, in his/her true sexual identity. She will not have to carry the weight of his/her past anymore, nor that of his/her parents, s/he will sense his/her true sexual nature during the exercise and find sexual comfort forever. S/he will get rid of the dark periods of his/her existence.


It is like a rebirth, a second chance, which you give yourself and which you can do even as an adult : The session will last two hours, will be relaxed and conscious and will be repeated month on month by the rhythm chanted in EMDR. Effectiveness is guaranteed and it’s a revolution for each one! Thus, having been desired as a girl when one is a boy can explain diminished masculinity, difficulties to procreate and a lack of libido.

The situation is vice versa for a girl who was desired as a boy. She is unable to give space within herself to welcome a man, inhabited “in fantasy” by the masculine sex desired unconsciously by her mother during her pregnancy. Thus, often finding herself in power relationships and castrating towards the masculine sex, brings on problems of sexual arousal and a difficulty to become pregnant.

Thus, I explain and treat unexplained causes of infertility or a failure to become pregnant. After a intra-uterine rebirth, a number of patients report getting pregnant. Each one has finally found his/her place and everything turns out for the better.

Rebirth therapy session on an autistic young man

Dylan’s (a young autistic 22 years old) rebirth
“You understand now what happened in your family and you can see that for wour parents, i twas difficult to give birth to you in this situation. You also see that today, all is well and that they are there with you, for you, and that it is so that you can feel that you are loved and happy without fear or guilt.”

The reconciliation of the three members of the family papa, mama and child is therefore valuable and structuring for the child. So, the child finds himself in his parents’ midst, calm and confident. This start is very important when a trauma has occurred at birth which has resulted in the stunted/abnormal development of the child. The fact of living this entire period with him often helps to unblock an existing trauma.

Thereafter, I take the child through different stages of therapy, and his safe place established, he feels much better and advances very quickly towards a better life and happiness.
For adults who are yearning for a better life or who feel lost, the rebirth exercise is very efficient. It is never too late to live life of fulfillment with pride in yourself.

Birth is not as easy as it looks, even if often we love to believe otherwise! In fact, a number of infants don’t arrive into the world in good health and yet each one among us aspires to just one thing: to have a perfect baby, with its body formed well, its genitals in good order and head normally formed! From its very first moments, a new-born baby is watched, observed, and evaluated before being handed over to its happy and satisfied parents. Often times however, sadly, despite progress and regular examinations during pregnancy, we discover certain abnormalities, mental or physical retardation, which leave the parents disappointed and clueless!

Consultation is therefore of prime importance, not only to deal with their guilt and talk about their disappointment, but also to mourn for the perfect baby that was awaited. Then, while talking to the therapist, they to come to the point where they recall events that took place during the pregnancy. This is important for the evaluation of the ambience and daily routine of the future parents and the context of the future birth.

How many times had I heard that for some parents, pregnancy was in difficult conditions, that the mother-to-be had lost her mother or that the father-to-be had gone through an equivalent trauma in his own family.

Thus, it is necessary for both the parents to come in with their child and get them to speak on this thorny subject, the coming of their baby into their daily routine as they lived it at that point in time. Often, the fact of retelling and revisiting together, this difficult time brings in new elements of comprehension and the removal of guilt.

Each birth is special, and the baby who knows his own, loves that we share it with him and it is often one of his favorite stories. It is a true one; he knows anyway that of Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty and many others, so why not his own?

I find that very few children know their own stories and it takes them years to go back to it, often when they are adults. The more time you allow time to pass, the less easy it is, because the memory of parents is not as intact and of course, these events undergone, yield place to life, which happens.

It is for that reason that I find it interesting to retell the story of the birth of the child during a session when it has not already been done, so that the child can listen and ask questions whenever he feels the need or the desire. Thus, finding by myself the reason for the child’s trauma, I take charge of the child in his basic story and I gain access directly to him by starting with his intra-uterine life.

We get to know each other through this and I find that his face is softer and that he puts his thumb in his mouth even if he is already an adolescent. Parents tell me that this position is the same as that found by ultrasound towards the end of pregnancy.

They recognize in him the infant that he was and observe the session by responding to questions that I ask them. I see that the child is happy to do this and that he spontaneously finds the fetal position. He relives his birth and problems appear.

The rebirth exercise is therefore to make the child relive his traumatic birth by communicating to him the positive points of his life in the present; those which give him resources, and help him use his experiences and replace them in their proper context.

Showing him that both his parents are there with him, that they love him, that they do everything for him, that they will move ahead together to give him the chance to feel good and through that, even eliminate the dark periods in his existence.

It is like a rebirth, a second chance and that which we can do even in adulthood: I do it either month after month by making the child talk to his parents one month at a time till he is deep in there or finds himself there, or I do it globally using the period of pregnancy, that is, at nine months when nothing traumatic has happened before childbirth.Traumatic childbirth is thus narrated to the child who is all ears while I watch, listen and allow him to react in his own way.Parents are present and surprised by this spectacle which sometimes takes place in front of their eyes: whimpers, positions, movements on the sofa and even on the floor. The child is born a second time, but this time, with a mature outlook which allows him also to analyze the situation.

“You understand now what happened in your family and you recognize that it was difficult for your parents to bring you into the world in that situation. You also see that today all is well and that they are there with you, for you, so that you feel loved and happy without fear or feelings of guilt.”

The reconciliation of the three members, the father, mother and child is very rewarding and structuring for the child. The child finds itself therefore in the midst of parents, quiet and confident. This approach is very important when there is trauma related to birth which resulted in the child not developing properly. The act of revisiting this entire period with him very often unblocks an existing trauma.

I follow the child thereafter through various stages of therapy, and finding its safe place, the child feels much better and moves quickly towards happiness and being a better being.For adults who do not enjoy a good life or are feeling lost, the exercise of rebirth is also very useful. It is never too late to live a radiant life and be proud of the self.