Personal or professional coaching

What is professionnal coaching?


What is coaching? It is individually supporting a person to help maximize his potential and professional skills or to resolve contextual specific problems: for example, being an expat in France, capacity to sell oneself in French and integrate easily in the country. A coaching intervention has a bearing on competencies which do not depend exclusively on technical knowledge. It is particularly adapted to acquisition of “know-how” and “life skills” concerning management, organization, relation, communication, and commercial. It is also an antidote to the isolation faced by business leaders, policy makers and managers. Coaching is appropriate for all organizations, private, public and associative, as well as for independent workers. It particularly addresses: - people who are in management roles (business leaders, directors and managers, senior management or sales). It is applicable to anyone who is desirous of developing their potential, is thinking of their professional future, or thinking of finding solutions to some difficulties. Reconciling differences through reconciliation with your cultural predisposition facilitates successful integration.

What can a coach imparting professional coaching do? Such a person allows the person being coached to resolve some professional difficulties, take decisions and/or effectively implement necessary actions in order to achieve a professional objective.

There are many situations where coaching is effective: - Resolving a problematic situation in management terms, general management, communication, etc. It leads to better self-confidence and self-affirmation. It allows one to work on a management conflict situation and management of stress in difficult situations. It allows one to improve their daily management practice and step back to have a better view of a complex situation.


Training: “Mon corps me dit”, in the company.

How to bring forth naturally and in every situation our winning assets, when our body reflects our illness in the form of pain and fears?

To respond to these essential questions, Valérie GRUMELIN-HALIMI, psychologist, author and specialist in the elimination of trauma in business, has defined a method which responds to the particular requirements of each individual and adapted to complex requirements of business.

You are aware that our body speaks betrays our state through pain:

- The art of practicing your profession with aptitude primarily consists of exposing yourselves in order to be convinced.

- Words remain the preferred mode of expression of a situation or need.

- Words which follow one after the other in a more or less harmonious manner with respect to the state of our soul, unveils our internal reflection…

- To speak is to make our thoughts come alive. All the more reason to be healthy!

- Orally everything speaks, even silences!

The objective is to optimize your personal potential and your resources for business.

To develop your eloquence by taking note of stress and the lack of attention that you pay to yourself in the first place.

At any time, whether you are premising or following a career, discoveries or fluctuations of your personalities modify your reactivity and motivation. In a job, the major element is immediate understanding of the objective and its finality. For that, the operating element is the reflection of our internal synergy which has to be implemented to achieve excellence.

“Mon corps me dit”: This is my bestseller book for personal development which proposes a different relation of body/mind. It has been published by Editions Guy Trédaniel.


The method is focused on a set of specific intra-sensory exercises which interact between our excesses, our instabilities, and the control of our passions, of our weaknesses whether behavioral or emotional (writing, painting, music, group role-play)

Get without question, a renegotiation of the self in relation to others with a fair degree of involvement. Through short duration sessions in groups, qualities-faults and faults-qualities are managed. Know how to defend yourself in order to defend better (observation techniques). Make an analysis of the external perception a dynamic process, by bringing to light first impressions and modifications to make. Bring to the intersection of personalities an input of objections and interrogations which will lead you to know yourselves better, to understand yourself better and make others understand you.






How long does a coaching last? There are three parameters to combine, the personality of the person being coached, the nature of the objective that is the goal, geographical location where the sessions have to take place. Generally, coaching takes between 4 and 8 sessions of 2 to 4 hours and can have duration between two and six months depending on the periodicity of the sessions (fortnightly, bimonthly or monthly). An operational follow-up post-coaching can be put in place over a larger period of time. How does a session work? The coach becomes the coach of the client. It is an unconditional support. Starting from the objectives or professional difficulties stated by the client, coaching takes place in four phases: the present situation, the objective to achieve, means or resources, actions and decisions.

What results can be expected?

If the person coached is entitled to expect the realization of 100% of his professional potential or complete resolution of the difficulties he is facing, one can guarantee in all cases that the percentage of realization or resolution will be more with the intervention of a coach than without.

The cost of professional coaching: Generally between 100 and 200 Euros (taxes not included) an hour. I offer packages starting from 1200 Euros (taxes not included).

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