Elimination of an emotional trauma

Elimination of an emotional trauma aimed at recovering visual acuity through fascia therapy and psychology





Session extract.Related book: "Mon corps me dit" Guy Trédaniel Paris.



Our body never lies; it lives, suffers and testifies a fair reflection of its state. Through pain sent as signals, our body forces us to take note of the attention deficit that it experiences. The body has its own language and we must understand how to interpret it. If we turn a deaf ear to its signals, it repeatedly warns us, till the pain is pushed to its peak. So, where do you hurt? That is the question posed by the author.


Based on true stories which reflect specific common symptoms, the reader can identify with the problems addressed and understand the impact of traumatic experiences that he has suffered. Once the pain is rendered “conscious”, the author proposes some decoding and self-help exercises to effectively eliminate pain. A first step on the road to recovery…

“We all need help but not just any kind of help: help that is customized and adapted to our specific need, a little bit of luck and lots of courage."


“Mon corps me dit”, is available at FNACAmazonGibert Jeune, in bookstores or directly here.